How Long Does a Power Wash Last?

Nothing does the trick like a good power wash when it comes to keeping your home or office looking its best. A power wash can take care of everything from dirt and dust to mildew and mold, leaving your property looking shiny and new.

At BLK Diamond Exterior Solutions, LLC in Black Diamond, we provide top-quality power washing services that will leave your property looking its best. But how long does a power wash last?

But how long does a power wash last? And importantly, how often do you need one for optimal results? Keep reading to learn more about power and pressure washing and its benefits!

1. The Age of the Property

If your home is brand new, you can probably get away with power washing it every other year. If a home is a bit older, you might want to consider power washing it every year. It is because the siding and other materials on your home start to break down over time. By power washing your home every year, you can help extend the life of your siding and other materials.

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2. The Type of Surface Being Washed

Your power washing project can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the type of surface being washed. For example, washing siding or stucco will take significantly longer than just washing your driveway.

Additionally, the surface’s level of dirt and grime will also affect how long it takes to complete the job. A surface that has been power washed before will take less time to clean than one that has never been power washed.

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3. The Water Pressure and Flow Rate

It is crucial to check the water pressure and flow rate to determine how long the power wash will take. The pressure can damage the siding or shingles if the pressure is too high. If the flow rate is too low, it will take longer to clean the house.

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5. The Weather Conditions

Lastly, weather conditions play a significant role in how long your power wash will last. If it’s been raining a lot, or if there has been a particularly harsh winter, your power wash may not last as long as it would have otherwise. 

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